With more than $100 to be paid as cable or satellite bills on a monthly basis, it becomes necessary to look at alternative methods of watching TV. Every year there has been a rise in the cable prices by 4%. This has led to the consumers in taking an extreme step of cutting the cord. But the next question arises, how can one watch television without the need to pay such huge amount.

Free Television is one of the way to view all of the favourite channels without the need for monthly subscriptions. It is all a one-time investment and then you reap the benefits for lifetime. With a Winegard FlatWave antenna there is no missing out on your favourite shows or live sports. It is an indoor TV antenna that allows its users to enjoy free TV at a reasonable price. The Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A antenna offers a lot of features with a decent range and quick setup.

For all those cord cutters who are looking to save money, can go in for Winegard as a decent start of watching free TV. You can refer this antenna as an entry-level one which comes at an affordable price and list of features.

One of the main advantage of this Winegard antenna is its size. Compact and small in size, it is a thin looking antenna that can be discreetly placed behind the picture frame, television unit or under the cabinet. It would not unnecessarily stick out on the wall. Mounting this antenna on the wall or near the window is also easier so as to receive optimal amount of reception signals.

Positioning the antenna is very important so as to receive maximum channels on your TV. If you are closer to the tower, then the position may not matter much but if you reside further away then it would be a matter of concern. Try to place the antenna in the direction of the tower and carry out a channel scan. Doing so, you can judge the best possible place wherein you can receive more number of channels.

Winegard antenna offers a good range of 50miles. This can allow you to watch a lot of channels if there are fewer obstructions. Few of the major channels that can be viewed are, Fox, CW, ABC, NBC, and more. The picture quality is also clear and crisp. This particular model is an amplified antenna that makes use of the Clear Circuit Technology so as to ensure best possible signal once it has been mounted. It comes along with 18.5foot long coaxial cable.

But if you are too far from the broadcasting tower or if there are a lot of obstructions then probably the signal would get weak. Overall, this is a good antenna for those who reside closer to the tower. However, if you want to maximize your TV viewing experience then you can pair it up with a good streaming service package. All of this at just a fraction of cost. This is the best way of watching free television without any contracts.